Special Occasions

There is always a lot to think about and plan before a big day happens. It might be one of the happy ones: a birthday, baptism, college graduation or the biggest among them all, a wedding. It might also be one of the somber occasions: a day of saying goodbye to someone, a funeral and a wake that follows afterwards.

On all of these special occasions, as much as you would just like to concentrate on what is going on around you, there are some important logistical details that have to fall in place for the day to “work” for everybody. Among the most important ones: transportation. Luckily, we are really good at that.

Gallop Taxis’ comfortable cars can help you celebrate these family gatherings with style. We will take care of you guests and make sure they reach the given locations on time and are driven back home safely. Take your head off transportation related issues and concentrate on spending time with your family, friends and loved ones.

Our fleet is nicely suited for luxurious pick ups of couples ready to begin their married life. The Vans in our lineup are a great choice to transport your guests with up to 8 passengers in each car. Contact us today to plan out all the details in advance and help make that special day even more unique.

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