About Us

When we founded this company, we decided then and there on a commitment to bringing our future clients only the highest level of service. We still stand by these values. Quality and a great customer experience always came first for us. The experience we have gathered along the way has only proven the path we have chosen was the right one.

The great reviews our company has received are the result of constant teamwork from everyone at Gallop Taxis.

It might be a simple, standard taxi trip in the area of Peterborough, Huntingdon, Cambridge, Ramsey, Spalding or Boston. A regular airport pick-up or a big operation like organising transportation for your wedding reception. Our dedicated drivers and dispatchers treat each assignment with the same level of dedication.

First, we provide our clients with a fast and reliable online booking system (our support team is also very helpful and committed to providing answers to your inquiries). A car is dispatched well in advance of the scheduled pick up time so there is no risk of early delays. And since our drivers are skillful and on top of that, know the area very well, even when something unexpected happens enroute to your destination, they know how to react and which alternative road to choose.

Gallop Taxis is a company you can trust. While travelling with us, you can just sit back and relax, knowing everything is taken care of by professionals.